A 10-Year Vision for Downtown

The Downtown RISE: Strategic Action Plan serves as the now-to-medium-term strategy for downtown investment.

The Downtown RISE: 10-Year Vision for Downtown, serves as the long-term framework for reimagining our Baltimore's downtown core.

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A Message from Mayor Scott

Envision with me a walkable Downtown, a green Downtown, a transit-oriented Downtown - a future that will enable businesses and residents alike to thrive. I announce the ten-year vision for the future of Downtown Baltimore.

A Message from Governor Moore

After years of neglect and disinvestment, my administration has reprioritized the growth of Baltimore City. As I've said on countless occasions, this cannot be Maryland's decade without it also being Baltimore's time. And as my dear friend Shelonda Stokes says often, "For it to be Baltimore's time, it's got to be downtown's moment." And I couldn't agree with her more.